Limerick to Foynes line to reopen

The railway that runs from Limerick to Foynes, in County Limerick will be reopening and work has started, the preliminary clearance of vegetation etc is underway. It’s been a while in coming, planning permission was granted in 2019 for the renewal of the viaduct.

It opened on 29 April 1858, as the terminus of a line from Limerick which was subsequently extended west from Ballingrane to Tralee. It was last used for passenger services in 1963, but continued as a freight line until 2001. Now, the port of Foynes intends to become a centre for offshore wind turbine production, and the rail link will be a vital part of the transport network.

Foynes was a major centre for flying boats in the 1930s and 40s. They used it as the last port of call on transatlantic crossings and it played a significant role in World War Two. The opening of Shannon airport in 1942 changed things considerably and the  Foynes flying-boat station closed in 1946. There is now a very good museum in the old terminal building with a full size replic of most of a Boeing 314 flying boat.

Here’s a few photos of the disused line I took in July 2019 on a visit to the west coast of Ireland.

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