Will “Amtrak Joe” Biden be taking the Presidential train?

There’s a good article in Marie Claire about how President-elect Joe Biden has become known as “Amtrak Joe” Will he be using a Presidential train to get around instead of a 10 ton armoured limo? Maybe. He’s been a regular Amtrak user for years and took a train journey in September on the campaign trail.… Read More Will “Amtrak Joe” Biden be taking the Presidential train?

New Station building for Kidderminster

The new building at Kidderminster Station opened to passengers yesterday, here’s a quick peek. Thanks for reading. Please like and subscribe for more random railways content. Follow me on Twitter and Youtube. If you would like to help me with a small donation towards producing more content please buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/randomrailways¬†There’s also… Read More New Station building for Kidderminster