The Armagh Rail Disaster

New film on the Armagh rail diaster. Making this was an interesting illustration of how little survives of some railways like GNRI, including artifacts & photos. So various images of other railways had to be used purely to illustrate the film. There’s a detailed history here, including some of the accident reports. And this is… Read More The Armagh Rail Disaster


Rail Live 2022

A short film about a few of the interesting items on show at Rail Live! 2022, the UK railway industry exhibition held at Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre in Warwickshire. Thanks for reading. Check out my other posts on travel, heritage railways and more.Please click like and subscribe for more random railways content. Follow me… Read More Rail Live 2022

A New North-South Welsh rail link

The Welsh Government have just announced they won’t be resuming flights between Cardiff & Anglesey (Pre Covid they subsidised it) but are looking into improving public transport connections instead. There’s been pressure for some years to reopen the Carmarthen-Aberystwyth and Bangor-AfonWen lines to provide a Nouth -South Welsh route. Currently the Cardiff-Bangor rail route is… Read More A New North-South Welsh rail link