Cycle friendly cities

This article from Euro News shows what are considered to be the most cycle friendly cities in the world – 9 of which are in Europe.

I was in Antwerp, one of them mentioned, earlier this year, and it’s a pleasure to be able to cycle around on proper segregated infrastructure. See my blog post here.

I was recently in Germany for Innotrans, the world’s largest transport trade show, and took my Brompton to travel around, as well as using the U Bahn and S Bahn. Dresden has reasonable cycle infrastructure, as does Berlin, but it’s not just the hardware of cycle provision, there’s a different attitude from drivers. As I’m cycling along the dual use cycle path/footpath in these cities, if I come to a junction, the drivers who approaced to turn down that junction, without exception, stopped and gave way to cyclists and pedestrians crossing the road. They appear to be much more aware of, and respectful towards, other road users than many drivers in the UK are. It’s all very well painting cycle lanes, but what is also needed is a change in approach, and education, starting well before people are allowed to learn to drive.

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